Ama (Horror fiction)
A horror story about life, death, and the hell that awaits.

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Death is not the end for Jason Drake. Because of the murder he committed in life, hell awaits him. But Jason is not concerned about his own soul, he wants a chance to save his daughter, and give her back the life that was taken away too soon. A demon offers him this chance, if he plays her simple game.

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Untitled (Science fiction)
Life isn’t what it seems to be, and for a lucky few, paradise is waiting.

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Untitled (Horror fiction)
A tormented man finds a release for his anger, while a ghost watches his life deteriorate.

Untitled (Science fiction, Fantasy)
A creature from a new universe is thrust into an epic journey of discovery.

Untitled (Drama)
Lucid dreaming.

Untitled (Horror fiction, Drama)
A man is tormented by a demon for an accidental death he caused.